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Individual Therapy:

– Traditional psychotherapy from an integrative perspective of  cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and humanistic models. Dr. Moore works with individuals across a diverse range of emotional issues including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, adjustment to new motherhood, and relationship issues.

– Individual therapy for individuals living with chronic illness. Work on processing feelings about a life that  has changed due to chronic illness and/or pain. How to let go of what was and begin to adapt to what is.

– Individual therapy for individuals  wishing  to maintain their recovery from an eating disorder as they continue to grow in health and gain understanding about the patterns in their lives that mimic the patterns in their relationship with food.

– Skills Therapy for new  mothers and/or parents. Parenthood not what you thought? It never is! Adjusting to the ever-changing roles of parenthood. Infants are welcome to attend with  their mothers and/or parents.

– Transitional support for those who need a gluten free diet and lifestyle.

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Family Therapy:

– Using family therapy as a tool to identify and establish strengths within the family system and empower parents as they negotiate their way as leaders in the family.

– Transitional support for those who need a gluten free diet and lifestyle.

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Wellness Therapy:

This is about far more than fitness and nutrition.  Wellness Therapy is more of an integrative health approach to living fully in your body and reclaiming your health in the midst of chronic illness or pain.  Additionally there is an emphasis on body responsibility to examine patterns around fitness, health, nutrition, skills for grocery shopping, food prep, and meal planning.  It is about learning to live in your body and take direct responsibility for your health as well as your health care.  Recognize the best ways to present yourself in the world with a positive and polished style.

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Spiritual Resources:

~ Enneagram Consulting ~

The Enneagram is an easy to learn yet comprehensive tool for  understanding your unique personality.   It describes 9 distinct patterns of attitudes and behaviors, nine  different world views, and reveals the reasons why people think and behave in  the ways that they do. The Enneagram is a tool, yet it can provide us with wisdom needed  to make good choices in our lives and the objectivity to see the truth about  ourselves.  These are no small matters,  for they allow us to accept the gift of Grace which can transform our lives.

Click here to read about the 9 Enneagram Types

Click here to take the free 36 question RHETI Sampler quiz



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Living Joyfully In Our Bodies


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