Nan Henson, Enneagram Coach

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Nan Henson, Enneagram Coach

I am an Enneagram Coach and Workshop Facilitator as well as a Riso-Hudson trained Enneagram Instructor.  I received my training from the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, NY and am currently enrolled in the Haden Institute School of Spiritual Direction.  It is my belief that the Enneagram and Spiritual Direction partner together to help shift and transform life-long patterns that keep us from being all we are divinely created to be.

Because it has been true in my own life, I believe the power of the Enneagram opens us up to transformation.  The Enneagram was introduced to me at just the right time.  Life events and struggles forced me to take a look at myself.  It was not an easy process.  Once I saw myself through the lens of the Enneagram, a whole new world opened up – a world of deeper understanding about what my motivations were, why I have the views and perceptions I do, and why I react in certain ways.  It was life changing for me and immediately made an impact on my relationships with my family and friends.

The more I learned about the Enneagram, the more passionate I became about sharing this gift with others.  I have seen over and over how understanding ourselves and others opens us to the Grace that can radically move us forward in our journey of growth.  As I have learned more about this insightful psychological tool, I am more convinced that it is a treasure map to help us uncover our true gifts and that it also puts us on a path to discover our more compassionate, awake and whole self.


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