Karen Kallis, M.Ed., LAPC, NCC

Karen_KallisKaren Kallis is a play therapist and counselor for children, adolescents, and adults.  She has worked in private practice and in schools with diverse needs using play, art, and talk therapy.  She has led numerous parenting workshops and many growth groups for children, teenagers, and adults.  Additionally, she has consulted with schools and churches on children’s developmental needs and creative ways to approach relationships using Positive Discipline methods.

Karen is under the direction of Anne Moore and supervision of Amy Robbins. 


Play Therapy
Karen uses play therapy with children to engage them at their level of emotional development.  Play naturally allows children to process painful circumstances and express their emotions.  Children gain skills and practice for change using a variety of toys and art supplies intended to build cognitive development.  The curative process regulates emotions, reduces anxiety, and elevates self-esteem.  It gives children a way to express thoughts and emotions that might remain hidden due to language skills.

Individual Therapy for Adolescents
Karen connects with older adolescents through talk and art therapy.  She provides a safe and relaxing space for them to explore their emerging selves.  As they explore new roles in often intense social environments, they need connection and trust.  Therapy encourages them to know and embrace their gifts to feel capable in their lives.  She partners with them as they work through personal challenges with anxiety, depression, changing families, and stress to learn effective coping skills to transfer to their environments.  The therapeutic process works to help reframe thoughts to find new ways to see old problems and make positive changes.

Individual Therapy for Adults
An important part of the helping process is working with parents.  She welcomes the opportunity to provide alternative ways of understanding and approaching the parent-child relationship to create more joyful interactions.  She works with parents to teach effective communication skills that embrace kindness, understanding, empathy, and purpose.  Her goal is for each member of a family to discover a sense of belonging, purpose, and confidence.  She is an active mom of three children and fully understands the reality behind parenting ideals.

Emotional growth doesn’t stop in adulthood.  Often this phase of our life is constantly partnered with change.  Life changes can challenge our most basic coping skills.  Karen works with adults to consider their transitions as opportunities for growth.  Life can be painful, and she helps reframe the pain to develop empowerment and resilience.  Often, her clients learn to embrace their situations with courage and rediscover happiness and peace.

Karen values the strength and resilience that is inherent in each of us.  She is grateful for all opportunities to help others reclaim meaning in their lives.  Every relationship is contained in gratitude.



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