HealTHY Self Habit of the Day

Hello and thank you to all our loyal followers on Facebook, our blog, and our website.  Here at Atlanta Center for Positive Change we believe that the world can be a kinder, gentler, more generous, and healthier place.  We are sending out an invitation to the community to do one thing differently every day.  So every day we will post a Healthy Self Habit and hope that you will take the challenge to do one thing differently every day.  You can string these healthy tips together to compound your personal growth, or just do one thing each day.  Maybe you already do most of these things – great, pass it on and check yourself to see if you are consistent with these habits.  Can you improve upon them?  Come on, nobody is perfect.  The pace of your health and growth is up to you.  How might you change if you do one thing differently every day – what could be different in 3 months, 6 months, a year?  If you change, what impact does that have on the world?  Maybe there will be no change, but can you really afford not to try?  Tell us about your success!  We want to hear from you.

Healthy Self Habits:

1 - 21

  1. Eat a breakfast that includes a protein. (Click here for ideas!)
  2. Set the table or a place for yourself and sit down for at least one meal.  Use china and linens – put some effort into it – don’t you deserve a little effort?
  3. Drink 8 – 12 glasses of water today.
  4. Say a prayer of gratitude for what you do have, what you can do today.  See if you can go a whole day just identifying what you can do and not focusing on the things that hold you back.  (This one is tougher than you think and requires a lot of paying attention or, what we call, mindfulness).
  5. Eat every meal today – no skipping meals – skipping meals just makes us eat too much later, makes our blood sugar erratic, and confuses our body.
  6. Walk in your yard or in your favorite outdoor spot.  Use your senses and notice what you see, hear, smell, and what you can touch.
  7. Use whatever is available – flowers, fruit, herbs, branches, acorns, beautiful leaves, stones – and create a centerpiece or bouquet.  Take advantage of what is beautiful in your environment, seek it out and add it to your home.
  8. Sit still in a comfortable position for three minutes just breathing.  Focus on your breath – breathe in for a count of four and out for a count of six, notice the oxygen moving through your body.
  9. Smile at everyone you see today – make eye contact and smile – whether you feel like it or not.
  10. For one day, only say nice things to yourself – you do not have to make stuff up – just be kind and gentle.  No criticism for one day!
  11. Notice how you feel when you eat today – does the food you choose give you energy, taste good, slow you down, make you jumpy, tired, irritable, healthy – just notice – you may be surprised.
  12. Take an Omega 3 supplement after a meal, and take any other vitamins you might have missed lately – get back in the habit!
  13. Count your top 5 blessings (but don’t stop there, just start there) and give thanks for them!
  14. Drink water with cucumber in it.  Slice a cucumber, place it in a pitcher and cover with 2 quarts of warm water.  Refrigerate overnight and enjoy cucumber water all day the next day.  Cucumbers have amazing health benefits and are excellent sources of vitamins A, C, and K.  They are good for your skin, nails and hair and are thought to reduce the risk of breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancer.  They also aid in the regulation of blood sugar.  Drink to your health!
  15. If you think of your thoughts as different pieces in a pie, identify what those pieces are.  Is there one piece that is bigger than the others?  Is that piece the size you want it to be?  Does it need to be bigger or smaller?  Today and every day, you decide where you want your attention to be focused.  How many pieces are in your attention pie?
  16. Try a new and different exercise today.  It doesn’t matter how long – it can be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or more.  Just do something different.  If you usually run, then walk or vice versa.  Try jumping rope, a hula hoop, ride a bike, lift weights – just try something different!
  17. Do two hard things today.  Not impossible, just tackle two small things that you have been putting off.
  18. Rate how good you feel in your body.  On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being depleted and 10 feeling amazing), how good do you feel today?  Are you energetic, well rested, well fed, pain free?  Of course no one feels like a 10 all of the time – what is good enough for you?  What might you consider changing to feel just a little bit better?
  19. Replace dairy milk with almond milk for one day.  Try it on your cereal, drinking it, or cooking with it.  Try it, you’ll like it!
  20. Write a thank you note to someone – telling them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

21 - 40

  1. Lemon juice is an immune boosting agent.  For a flavor boost that is also immune boosting, an excellent source of vitamin C, and an antioxidant, sprinkle lemon juice and sea salt over your favorite foods and steamed vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, artichokes, cucumbers, dark leafy greens, etc.  Enjoy!  Tastes good and will do good things for your body.
  2. Sit down to eat.
  3. Walk around the block today.  See how many days you can do it in a row.
  4. Rate your gratitude.  On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being extremely ungrateful to 10 being over the top with joy), how grateful are you?  Where do you fall on the spectrum?  What are you grateful for?  How do you get to a 10?  Check in with yourself 3 or more times today – are you consistent?  Are you more aware of gratitude at different times of the day?  What do you notice?
  5. Play calming music during dinner or lunch.
  6. Aim for 7-10 hours of sleep a night – every night.  Sleep is restorative.  We absolutely have to have it to keep everything in our bodies working properly and in sync.
  7. Rate your level of hunger and fullness (1 is empty, starving, you’ve skipped some meals or a snack – 10 is overly full and you feel uncomfortable).  Before eating today, just notice how hungry, satisfied, or overly full you feel.  How often do you feel content?  Are you usually starving or just hungry enough when you sit down to eat?
  8. Spend 10 minutes reading something different today than you normally read.
  9. Write a letter to yourself outlining where you want to be in 6 months.  Give it to someone you trust and ask them to mail it to you in 6 months.
  10. Mindfulness: Today’s tip is to examine how many HealTHY Self Habits you have tried.  How is it going?  How many have you implemented?  Which ones are hard, easy, or make a difference in your life?
  11. Say your prayers.
  12. Identify your automatic thoughts.  Are they positive, negative, fearful – what do you say to yourself when you are not paying attention?  Brain cramp, I know, but worth the effort!  Let us know if you are surprised.
  13. Eat 5 servings of vegetables today.  Yes, you can!
  14. Identify a role model or hero in your life, channel that person today.
  15. Try this breathing exercise: 3 times today, sit down and do this – inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 6, and repeat for 2 minutes.  How do you feel?  Just breathe.
  16. Identify 5 things you are most grateful for.
  17. Set a goal and make a plan with a timetable for how you are going to achieve that goal.  Write it down.  Go for it, you deserve it!  Setting the goal and planning on how to achieve it is over half the battle.
  18. Sit quietly for 3 minutes: focus on what you hear, see, and feel.  Look for something new, either in your mind or in your environment.
  19. Cook dinner – try a new recipe, celebrate with food.
  20. Take a 15-20 minute nap.

41 - 60

    1. Invite your best friends to dinner anytime in the next two weeks, but extend the invitation today.
    2. Donate to charity.  It does not matter how much – just give something to someone.  It is not about the size of the gift – it is simply that the gift exists.
    3. Notice your posture, make sure you are standing tall with relaxed shoulders and an engaged core.  Own your space.
    4. Make a list of 5 activities that bring you joy.
      44. Part 2 – Of those 5 activities you identified yesterday that bring you joy, which ones are in your life on a daily basis?  Do you need to reconnect with those joy makers?
    5. Aim for consistency in your life – think about your schedule.  Are you like a ball in a pinball machine – careening here and there?  Or are you too inactive?  Try seeking consistency in your schedule in the areas that you can control like what time you eat, not skipping meals, the kind of foods you choose for your body, what time you go to bed, your time for relaxation and pleasure, etc.  Consistent activity is healthy activity.
    6. Identify 5 things you would like to try in the next year.
    7. Offer a random act of kindness – just do something unexpected and nice for a random stranger.  Pay it forward.
    8. Remember this: “My happiness is dependent on me, not on whether or not someone else comes through for me or changes for me.”  This one is really hard, but totally effective.
    9. Update your story; are you living in the past, the future, or right now, in the present?  Make sure your story is congruent with the life you are living today.  Update your story just as you might update your clothes, your hair, your resumé, etc.
    10. Journal – I know, I know, it’s not for everyone!  However, there is a reason that it is so frequently suggested – try it for one day.
    11. Work on acceptance.  Remember, acceptance does not mean you have to approve of something – it means you acknowledge what is.
    12. Make a list of anything that is different or has changed for you in the last 6 months.  Are there changes?  Do you like what you see?  Do you like how you are growing?  If so, great!  If not, what do you want to do differently?  Identify it.
    13. Sometimes we end our prayers with counting our blessings.  How might your prayers change if you started them by counting your blessings?
    14. Make a list of 5 things that are priceless to you in your life – that money can’t buy.  See how rich your life really is!
    15. What are the things you tell yourself that you just can’t do or you don’t deserve?  Change that message today and believe you can!  Believe you deserve all the good that can come your way and that you can receive your heart’s desire.
    16. Ask yourself today “what do I love?”  Try to remember your favorite things and activities from childhood.  Are you finding time to do something you love every day?
    17. Forgive yourself.
    18. Let go of the past.  As you move forward in a transition in your life – remember – yes you have to let go of the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to end the past or forget it – it means that as you move forward and embrace new relationships – the past has the opportunity to grow into something different and maybe better suited for your life today.
    19. Can you make it one whole day without complaining – how does it feel?
    20. Be kind to yourself and others.  As one of my wise wonderful friends has said, “When I like me, I like you.  When I don’t like me – it’s really hard to like anyone else.”

61 - 80

  1. Before nourishing yourself today – ask yourself – “is this food that feels good in my body?”  If it is not – ask yourself – “why am I eating it?”
  2. Be gracious to all you interact with today – if we are all put on this earth for a reason, then it serves us well to honor and respect all we interact with – you never know when you are going to bump into your higher purpose.
  3. Take care with your thoughts and of your thoughts.
  4. There are infinite possibilities for the right way to do things.  The only wrong way to do things is to believe there is only one right way.  Today identify multiple right ways to get things done or multiple right choices.
  5. Answer these questions today – who do you want to be, what do you want to do?
    Take a few minutes out of your day and watch this video of the 9/11 Boat Lift.
  6. Ask for help today – we all need it, all of us.
  7. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!  If you don’t start you can’t fail – but if you don’t start you will never know.  So start!
  8. Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in your dishes.
  9. Tell someone you love them.
  10. Get off your buts!  Try this – just for today substitute the word and every time you start to say but, and implies holding multiple perspectives, but implies mutual exclusivity.
  11. Fit in your 6 – 8 servings of laughter today.  Count!
  12. Wise people know that material gifts decrease with use, but spiritual gifts increase with use.  The more grace you give, the more grace you receive.  Just like with love, the more there is, the more there is.
  13. Get caught up on all your annual medical checkups.
  14. Be adventurous, try a new vegetable today.  For example, add fennel to your salad – it tastes like licorice and is packed with vitamin C, phytonutrients, and has antioxidant properties which are natural cancer fighters.
  15. Take a few minutes to call, email, or even text a quick hello to that friend you’ve had on your mind for a while.  You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.
  16. Remember, actions speak louder than words.  What is something positive you can do today?
  17. Give someone a hug.
  18. Tune in to what you have become accustomed to tuning out.  Notice the sounds around you…a chorus of birds, the ceiling fan, the children’s voices as they play.  The deeper you listen, the more aware you are of right now…Be present.
  19. Value structure in your meals – allow them to have a beginning, an ending, and a space.  Be conscious when you eat.
  20. High quality fuel translates into high quality living.  Fuel takes many forms: food, cognitions, emotions, visual, and spiritual to name a few – think about this.  What kind of fuel are you living on?

81 - 100

  1. Try being authentic rather than stoic.
  2. Go shopping with your friends, really, how long has it been?  This could be as simple as running into the grocery store together or an impulsive stop in a bookstore during your lunch hour.  Even chore shopping will lift your spirits when you are with others.
  3. Make lists of your favorite foods and flavors – now mix and match your favorite proteins, veggies, and carbs with your favorite flavors.  Shop and cook this way – expanding your palate in directions that feel good to you.  Cook the way you want to eat.
  4. If you catch yourself saying “I can’t”, think about what you are really saying to yourself.  Is it – I can’t or I won’t?  Try replacing that “I can’t” with “I won’t”.  How might this motivate you to move forward in your life?
  5. Substitute coconut oil or avocado oil for olive oil in cooking.
  6. Claim your space.  Not just physically, but emotionally and relationally.  This one is so challenging because our space changes all the time – especially with regard to our relationships with others.  If you don’t define your space no one else will or can.
  7. Write 5 I deserve statements.  I deserve…  Write as many as you want to, but start with 5.
  8. What makes you valuable?  Write it down.
  9. Visualize a space in your soul where you hold your beliefs about your value as a person.  Remember to always visit this space BEFORE you seek reassurance or validation from others.  (Yes, I am cyber shouting!)  This is so important because if we seek reassurance or validation from others and we haven’t given it to ourselves first – it feels good for a minute, but we can’t hold it and have to continue to seek validation from others.  Over time this becomes exhausting because 1. We have a harder time believing what we seek from others and feel icky about getting it indirectly and 2. Others get frustrated and exhausted with us – thereby confirming our worst fears that we are unworthy.  Treasure what you value about yourself.  If you don’t believe it no one else will either.
  10. Live from the inside out.
  11. Take personal responsibility for something today – anything.  I am responsible for…
  12. Tell people who you are – ask them who they are.
  13. Extend kindness to someone in traffic today.  Imagine if we all did one nice thing for another driver stuck in traffic.  How might that change our traffic patterns?
  14. Begin a 15-20 minute ritual every morning that is just for you.  Praying, reading, breathing, gratitude, or stretching.  Create your own personal moment each day before you enter your day.
  15. Be committed to good manners and courtesy – today and every day.  Make eye contact with people, wave a thank you when someone lets you in in traffic, remember to say please and thank you.
  16. Spice up your dishes.  Capsaicin, found in hot peppers, has numerous health benefits.  It fights cancer, reduces inflammation, helps with pain relief, congestion relief, improved intestinal health, and cardio-protection.
  17. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Are you up to date on all of your annual physical exams?  If not, schedule them today – including your mammogram.
  18. Refuse to stay on the surface, acknowledge depth in yourself and others today.
  19. Ask yourself – “What did I learn about myself and others from yesterday’s habit?”  Write it down.
  20. Donate food to a food pantry in your community.  Food impacts everything we do – when we don’t have enough food, or high quality food, there is an impact neurochemically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  There is healing in helping yourself, and there is healing in helping others.  FYI: October 16th is World Food Day.

101 - 120

  1. Meditate.  Download one of the many apps available, such as Insight Timer, and meditate.
  2. Do something nice for someone else this morning.  Pass on a random act of kindness before 10:00 am.
  3. Sit quietly and use all of your senses.  What do you hear, see, feel, taste?  Write it down or draw it.  Capture the moment.
  4. Say and do kind things for yourself today.  For example, remind yourself that you are ok, reassure or encourage yourself.  It will make you better able to reassure and encourage others.
  5. Respond vs. React.  Responding to yourself and others comes from a place of thoughtfulness and compassion, and promotes a space for empathy to occur.  Reacting to yourself and others is usually impulsive, thoughtless, and about discharging a painful emotion.  Reaction invites more reaction.  Response invites resolution and solution.
  6. Admit your weaknesses – there is great strength in this habit.
  7. Make amends.  Apologize to someone.
  8. Examine your self talk and automatic thoughts.  What do you hear?  Do you agree?
  9. What do you think of when you see the word FEAR: Forget Everything and Run?  Or Face Everything and Recover?  Today try facing everything and recovering.
  10. Don’t assume what other people know and don’t know – state the obvious.
  11. A tiny light can shine in the darkest dark, but dark never overwhelms light.  Truth and love are sources of light – shine your light today.
  12. Eat what is in season right now.  Check out your neighborhood farmer’s market for the freshest, locally grown produce.
  13. Acknowledge what you do not know.  When did we start believing we had to know everything?  Believe in yourself, but don’t believe that you know everything.
  14. Make a “fresh” start!  Go through and remove all expired items from your pantry and refrigerator.
  15. Don’t dwell on past missteps.  When you know better, do better.  Embrace a new path!
  16. Have a dilemma?  Don’t get caught up in right or wrong solutions.  Just breathe and move in a direction.  It’s not about making the right choice; it is about making the best choice in the moment.
  17. Don’t take life too seriously.  Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez! (Let the good times roll!)
  18. When you are overwhelmed with too much to do, let go of your plan to manage.  Just do the next thing in front of you and see what happens.
  19. Take a catnap for 10 minutes today.
  20. Any day this week – make yourself and your friends or family a special meal.

121 - 140

  1. All day today – remind yourself that something bigger than you is in charge.  Bonus challenge: see how long you can go reminding yourself that you are held by something and someone other than yourself.
  2. Beauty is as beauty does: BE beautiful all day long.
  3. How are you doing?  What does it feel like to tackle a small challenge every day?  Look back, what has changed for you in the last twelve weeks?  Are you doing anything different or new?  If the answer is yes, awesome!  If no, then do something different – it is never too late.  Grow, grow, grow!
  4. Share your news.  Write to us here at Atlanta Center for Positive Change and let us know how you are growing.  When you empower yourself you empower others.
  5. Sometimes we feel like we have to make grace happen.  Try letting grace happen, it is amazing.
  6. Slow down, you’ll get more done.
  7. Strength and courage are one side of the coin of wisdom; compassion and empathy are the other.  It is stronger currency, and in the service of ourselves and others, to engage both sides of the coin.
  8. Work hard, play harder, pray hardest.
  9. Celebrate fall’s abundant seasonal vegetables and fruits – squash, Brussels Sprouts, pomegranates, etc.  See how many colors you can use from the food groups on your plate today.
  10. Do you recognize your automatic thoughts?  A lot of people do not, and so they walk around with low level negative/critical chatter in their head.  Be mindful of your thoughts and choose them consciously.
  11. Snack.  Go ahead, do spoil your dinner.  Research suggests that, like a charge for a battery, eating three meals a day with two or three snacks in between can make your metabolism more efficient.  Eating smart high quality fuel every 2-4 hours depending on your body actually keeps your body burning fuel at a much higher rate of efficiency.  High quality fuel is the key phrase here: think fruit with nut butters or Greek yogurt, handfuls of nuts, slices of lean protein such as turkey or chicken or cocktail shrimp, cheese and fruit, avocado on toast.  Think about combining protein, fat, and carbs to maintain a stable blood sugar.  Bonus: not only will you be leaner by increasing your metabolism, you’ll also improve your mood by maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
  12. Believe the best about yourself.  Those glimpses of greatness you see from time to time are your truth.  Believe.
  13. Accept the validity of someone else’s perspective, especially when it is different from your own.  How do we recognize conflicting viewpoints and recognize that both are valid?  Today seek validity.
  14. Try to avoid dichotomous thinking.  Thomas Edison figured out the light bulb after a thousand attempts.  A dichotomous approach would suggest that he failed 999 times which is not correct information.  A graduated thinker would identify that each experiment was a successful step in the learning process.  What are the steps in your learning process teaching you?  Where is your journey headed?
  15. When I get tangled up and frustrated, which happens more frequently than I care to admit, I remember gratitude.  Janis Joplin said “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”  True enough, but gratitude will give you something and save you every time.  Gratitude works.  Today, let gratitude carry you.
  16. This journey called life is not one that we go on by ourselves.  Be healthy, remember that you are not alone and you are carried by many more powerful than yourself.
  17. A breathing challenge: for this day, choose a sound or visual stimulus that reminds you to breathe first.  A horn, a commercial on the radio or television, a cyber-advertisement, or the sound of your cell phone – every time you see or hear whichever cue you choose, stop and breathe – don’t react to the stimulus, instead, respond to the cue to be mindful and conscious.  What does it feel like to put the world on hold while you empower yourself for just a minute?  You can always call back and respond to media advertisements later, what happens if you respond to yourself first?  What happens if you mindlessly react to stimuli in your environment first and yourself later?  There is most likely a balance between the two – but what do you learn from being off balance in your favor for a day?
  18. Seek excellence rather than perfection.  Perfection is a fantasy.  It can’t be real and it is a dishonest interaction with yourself and others.  Excellence is a standard and is just about doing the best you can in each moment of the day, throughout the day, every day.  Honoring yourself and others with good intention. Be honest, be present, be excellent.
  19. Decrease judgment and appreciate what works.  Stay out of right or wrong – just do what works.
  20. Go to bed early.  Give yourself the gift of extra snooze time.  It is luxurious and has enormous health benefits which range from improved mood to improved cellular functioning.

141 - 160

  1. Breathe in God, Buddha, the universe; breathe out fear, anger, irritation – you get it.  Do this breathing exercise every time you get flooded with tense or negative emotions today.
  2. Be vulnerable, cry with your friends, share your soul.  It makes for deeper friendships which strengthens our lives.  Don’t be afraid to cry and feel.  Face the things that you are afraid of – face those demons with others and they become blessings – face them alone and they remain demons.
  3. Remember to play today.
  4. You are already good enough.  Today recognize your worth.
  5. Ever feel stuck?  Remember, you can always make a choice to go a different direction.  Choices, even the smallest ones move us.  Make one small choice today and notice what changes.  Sometimes getting unstuck is not only about making choices but also noticing change sometimes happens in very small increments that we might miss if we are not mindful.
  6. Plan to watch the sun rise one day this week.
  7. Move your body in a way that feels good for two minutes while you breathe – do this for 5 days in a row.  What did you discover?
  8. The wonderful thing about feeling our feelings and sharing them with others is that we can feel them but they don’t have to dictate our mood or behavior.  Separate your feelings from who you are.  Let your value system and your knowledge of yourself drive your choices and behaviors.  Live with your feelings, yes, but live IN yourself.
  9. We have become such a divisive culture.  Forget the politics, as John Lennon once wrote, “give peace a chance”.  We don’t have to be right or wrong, agree or disagree, just peaceful.
  10. Take a risk, do something that is just outside of your comfort zone.  You never know where the next step will lead you.  When I look back over the small risks I have taken – they have all led me to positive places.
  11. Break a sweat.  Don’t be afraid to make an effort.  Up your quality quotient.
  12. Express gratitude for each and every one of your friends, what would your life be like without them?
  13. Exercise doesn’t have to involve major planning, sweating, or wardrobe changes.  Remember, exercise is moving in your body.  Don’t give up when you get too busy to catch an exercise class – instead try a series of jumping jacks, squats and stretches every couple of hours – take 5 minutes and just do it – just keep moving – it will keep you from getting stuck!
  14. Acknowledge the dark and always look for the light, every day.
  15. Break a sweat.  Not necessarily when exercising.  Break a sweat in everything you do, worshipping, loving, working, living – give it your all.
  16. The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.  Extend yourself to others.  The act of extending ourselves to others is one of many powerful gears in keeping the world turning.
  17. Eat your favorite food today.
  18. Write a note to someone in your family today – ask them a question, tell them a story, let them know that you love them.  Start a family “note” book that gets shared.
  19. Don’t be focused on what you might receive from others.  Stay focused on what you can do for others.
  20. Find the best form of movement for your body.  One person’s exercise is another person’s torture.  What works best for someone else might not work for me, and on different days I might want to do different things.  Move in your body the way you want to today.

161 - 180

  1. Donate a coat to a coat drive.  We have one going on at Atlanta Center for Positive Change during the month of December, but there are many places to donate all over town.  There are many cold men, women, and children at this time of year.  Please, donate a coat today.
  2. Make chicken soup.  It is easy, simple, and a soothing balm for the soul.
  3. No matter how dark, there will always be gifts of light.  Maybe/usually not the light we are looking for – recognize it and thank God for it anyway.
  4. Share your spontaneous joy with others.  It will always be welcome somewhere and will be someone’s light.
  5. Light a candle and pray.  Let the light guide your prayer.
  6. Acknowledge the cruelty in the world and refuse to let it touch you.
  7. Check in with yourself today.  How are you feeling?  Is anything different since you began this journey?  If you are just beginning – what do you want to accomplish or recognize about yourself?
  8. Learn how to cook and you invite the world into your home.  You will never be lonely with a hot meal in the oven or on the stove.  Worst case scenario, you nourish and nurture yourself – the more you can do that for yourself, the more you will have to give to others and that makes the world go ‘round.
  9. Forgive yourself daily – it will help you forgive others.  Forgiving yourself and others does not mean not taking responsibility or not holding others responsible – it means taking responsibility and letting go of the anger; by maintaining forgiving boundaries we create a space for positive change.
  10. If at first you don’t succeed – stop and sit still for a little while.  Then, try, try, again.
  11. Remember, eat well, sleep well, hydrate.  Our bodies feel and look better when we regulate our systems.
  12. Teach your children and the children around you well – they are the past, present, and future.  Whether they belong to us or not, they are representative of us all.  Children learn what they live.
  13. Look at yourself in the mirror.  Voice three things that you like about yourself.
  14. Count the blessings that others bring into your life.
  15. “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be, yeah there will be an answer, let it be.” (Paul McCartney with the Beatles)  Enough said.
  16. Breathe.  Sometimes in order to move spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, or even physically, we first have to be still and breathe.  Quiet breathing will allow you to go many places.  Breathe, maintain trust, and have faith.
  17. How you feel today may be the result of how you nourished yourself yesterday, how you feel tomorrow may be based on how you nourish yourself today.  Make sure you get enough servings from each of your “soul” food groups – spiritual nourishment, emotional nourishment, cognitive nourishment, and physical nourishment.  What and how we feed ourselves in all of these ways today influences how we will feel tomorrow.
  18. Flexibility is important.  Practice flexibility physically by stretching your body for 90 seconds today.  Practice flexibility in your thinking by clustering tasks by location, parking your car in a central location and walking to knock out a group of errands in the same part of town – who says you need to drive from parking lot to parking lot – it is much quicker and healthier to do it on your feet!  Practice flexibility spiritually by trusting that miracles do happen every day and you will see them if you look for them.
  19. Identify the miracles and smile.
  20. It is hectic out there; don’t forget to take your omega 3 fatty acid supplement and your vitamins!

181 - 200

  1. Here’s a thought – we can leave our mark on the world or we can leave a blemish, how will that distinction affect the choices you make today.
  2. Peace on Earth and Good Will – Spread it!
  3. Pick up 5 or more pieces of trash today and make the world a better place.  (This healthy habit was contributed by Tyler, my 9 year old daughter.)
  4. Give yourself 15 minutes of vacation time every day – read for fun, sing and dance to your favorite music, take a nap, eat something delicious, you get the idea – bon voyage!
  5. A significant part of success is getting involved.  When we are involved our vulnerability increases, when we are vulnerable we grow, growth leads to success – what a lovely cycle.  Today, get involved.
  6. Both relief and strength exist within us when we accept that we do not know things.  Today, embrace not knowing.
  7. Sometimes we find exactly what we need when we are not looking for it.  What a miracle.  Today, just notice what people, creatures, or things find you.  Let yourself be found.
  8. Believing that we should know what to do or have answers for ourselves all of the time can lead to feeling paralyzed and doing nothing.  What happens if you let a random object decide your fate like say a pair of dice?  Roll the dice – that is how many minutes you will spend dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out your closet, how many blocks or miles you will walk, how many friends you will contact for a quick hello or moment of gratitude that they are in your life, or how many minutes you will spend in quiet prayer or meditation.  You have a dilemma and you roll evens – the answer is yes.  Do something special when you roll doubles – take a risk.  The sky is the limit – just roll with it!
  9. Celebrate what could easily be mistaken for the mundane.  Serve breakfast on your finest china, take a luxurious bath.  Life is not about simply celebrating the special events – it is about celebrating the everyday events.  Today, get a lift from doing something ordinary extraordinarily well.
  10. Answer this question: Are you who you want to be?  If yes – awesome – share yourself.  If not, face it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and begin to be exactly who you want to be.
  11. Engage the world with love and the world will love you back.
  12. A mindful eating tip: Notice how the food you eat makes you feel.  Keep a list of the foods and meals that you eat that feel good in your body and also taste good.  Make these your “go to” foods when you are not sure what you want or you need help making a good choice for yourself.
  13. Sit by the fire or space heater – or both – with your favorite beverage and count your blessings.
  14. Express your inner fire, why not?
  15. Tell the truth – to yourself and those you love.  Even when the truth is distasteful, it will set you free and is far favorable to dishonesty.
  16. Develop a discipline, just a small one, 2 minutes every morning, afternoon, or evening – you choose the time that is right for you.  Look back three weeks from now – how does that small discipline feel now?  Will you continue?
  17. Do you ever write your thoughts, feelings, dreams?  If you do – reread them.  If you haven’t, then write them.  Today write something personal and just for you about yourself.
  18. Let go, just let go.  Ask yourself, what do I need to let go of – and let it go.
  19. Check in with your body.  How does your body feel physically?  What are you aware of physically in your body?  Do you feel fluid and relaxed, or are you holding tension in your body?  Check in quietly with yourself throughout the day – close your eyes and adjust your body, make sure your jaw is relaxed, your hands are relaxed, your shoulders are neither up around your ears or hunched over.  If you notice these things, just perform a simple correction and pay attention for a few minutes.  Living in your body with physical awareness is a great way to not only improve your relationship with your body but also a gateway to improved health.  Decreasing physical tension in our body is a simple and effective way to detox our body which improves our health.
  20. Here’s the thing about love – you cannot even begin to know how to give it until you learn how to receive it.  Really, you may think you know – but you don’t – not until you truly receive it and drink it in – only then when you are grateful, satisfied, and full beyond measure – when you realize that you have been held and loved – that is when it becomes a life goal to love others as you have been loved – nobody does that alone, nobody does that without having received it first and it is a miracle – you will know it when it happens.  Today, focus on the love you receive – the miracle will overwhelm you and you will want to pass it on which will lead to more miracles.  Miracles will change the world.  As my 9 year old daughter would say, “Word”!

201 - 220

  1. Embrace change.  It will occur whether we want it to or not.
  2. How worthy do you feel?  Before we can do anything, we have to feel like we are worth it.  Today, notice when you do feel worthy.
  3. Music is joyful.  Today, spend 5 minutes singing.
  4. It is so easy to get thrown off balance!  A car breaks, a meal is missed, evening rituals get thrown off track and before we know it we are tired, hungry, reactive, and fearful – what I call dysregulated.  It happens so quickly!  Time to revisit some foundational habits.  Today, work on regulation and consistency.  Try to increase your responsiveness and decrease your reactivity.  Eat, sleep, play with some structure and a schedule.
  5. We don’t control much in this world but we do get to make choices about our attention.  What are you focused on?  Are you ignoring anything that might benefit from your attention?  You decide where you would like for your attention to be focused and keep your thoughts there today.
  6. Try these super food combinations at breakfast – yes breakfast, that super important first meal of the day.  Top your favorite Greek yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds or try breakfast quinoa – cook your quinoa in pineapple juice and add fresh blueberries, slivered almonds, and a teaspoon of maple syrup.  Delicious.
  7. Upon awakening, drink a large glass of water and take two minutes to do the following exercises: 10 walk outs into plank and walk back up again – do this 10 times with continuous movement – slow and smooth with even deep breathing.  Follow this with 20 jumping jacks, and finish with 10 demi-plies or squats whichever is best for your knees.  Keep your core engaged the whole time.  You should feel energized and ready to go now that your whole body is engaged.  Now go get your coffee and have a great day!
  8. Respond to your feelings by recognizing them, acknowledging them, and describing them.  This is a much safer and more effective practice than acting on them and reacting to them.  This practice will put you in charge of your feelings vs. your feelings being in charge of you.
  9. Watch the sunrise and give thanks.
  10. Learn this lesson and give yourself a break: things will go wrong and you can still continue moving forward.  You may not be perfect (a false ideal), but you can be excellent and successful (reality).
  11. Basic fact of living 101: notice when you make a mess and clean it up, don’t pretend you didn’t do it, don’t say someone else did it, don’t leave it expecting or hoping that someone else will clean it up.  If you do you will never be able to really get away from the mess, and you can’t just leave a mess – it will follow you.  Life is messy, there is no living without mess, learn how to face it and clean it up.
  12. Here is an easily and often overlooked healthy habit: peaceful slumber.  What do you have to do to get a good night’s sleep?  What are your bedtime rituals?  If you don’t have any, develop some – sleep is one of the most important pieces of our health.  It is a building block for everything else.  Sweet dreams.
  13. What to do when everything is out of sorts and your world is upside down?  Just do the next thing.  Sometimes just one tiny step and one foot in front of the other is just the right thing – that is, when we know that we don’t have or can’t see the answers – we recognize that we are not in control – and we have to just trust in something bigger than ourselves while we just take the very next step.
  14. Sometimes we just have to be willing vs. willful.  Today, be willing.  I wonder what the universe brings us when we are open – sometimes it is not what we expect but might be something we have been looking for without our conscious awareness.
  15. The smallest changes can have such a powerful impact.  Today, make a small change.
  16. It may be helpful and wise to understand what we feel guilty about or afraid of, however, when we act from a place of guilt and fear we just create more guilt and fear.  Guilt and fear create guilt and fear.
  17. Breathe deeply, stay warm, and if your basic needs are met – give thanks.
  18. If you could choose between compassion and anger, which would you choose?  When things are out of our control, or when the people around us make mistakes, we often turn to anger and blame.  Research is clear that this is unhealthy.  Anger linked with blame often transforms into hostility.  Hostility is damaging to our physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual selves.  What if we cannot control or avoid bad things, what if we started feeling compassion during times of crisis instead of anger and blame which result in hostility?  Today, notice how many times you blame someone else for misfortune in the world.  It is so subtle, but we have become a culture that does this as naturally as breathing, and it is insidious as this thinking affects us at every level.  Every time you notice yourself commenting that something could have been avoided if someone had just done something differently – stop.  Look instead for compassion.  See what happens.
  19. Did you know that ping pong is a great workout – and fun?  At my house, my daughter and I play “rockin pong”.  Turn on your favorite music, dance, focus, and keep your eyes on the ball.  Count how any times you can hit the ball.  This is a great workout for your brain as you must attend and visually track, great for your body – you will be amazed what you will stretch and reach for to keep your rally going, and when you add your favorite music it is a stress buster and mood elevator.  Now that is what I call healthy!  Have fun, live positively, and be joyful!
  20. Go to bed early.  This is never a bad idea and always feels good in the morning!

221 - 240

  1. Peaceful acceptance; it is important to feel ok and be ok even when things are not right.  Accept and stay with yourself.
  2. Pain.  We hate it and want to avoid it.  It hurts!  Pain also gives us information about what we need to be paying attention to and altering in our lives.  Don’t be afraid of pain, it is survivable.  Acknowledge and attend to it so that you can increase your comfort level and face it – that is what makes pain go away in the long term, and that creates more health and positive living at the end of the day.  As my father used to say – life is a marathon and completing a marathon is a huge accomplishment – it comes with pain, attend to the pain so you can complete the marathon.
  3. Trust someone today.  They may be trustworthy or they may not be – you can’t know that on the front end.  Believe that others are trustworthy and trust someone today.  It is powerful medicine.
  4. Sometimes we don’t want to do the things that we need to do but we find that if we do them anyway – we feel better.  Today, do what you know you need to do.  You know it will feel good once you do it.
  5. Who am I to be fabulous? Who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Hiding your light does not help others. When you liberate yourself by letting your light shine – you liberate others (a Marianne Williamson paraphrase). Dream big. Why not. It’s your job as a human. Go!
  6. Dream, dream big.  Do not let fear contaminate your dreams.  What would you do if you were not afraid of failing?
  7. Today developed from the choices you made yesterday or previously in your life.  Tomorrow is the result of the choices you make today.  Choose wisely.
  8. We have to get away from thinking that there is a right and wrong.  I can be right and wrong in the same breath.  If I am always one or the other, I just end up wrong eventually.  It is like a circle.  If I always follow the path of right, it brings me back to wrong eventually.  If I always follow the path of wrong, then I just stay wrong until I come full circle.  Health is about not always knowing which path to take and walking in the world with others with dignity and respect for each person’s ability to walk rather than each person’s ability to know.
  9. Walk in the world with community.  How we think influences how we feel.  Our thoughts and our feelings influence our neurochemistry.  Our neurochemistry influences every cell in our body.  When we walk through the world without joining communities it is easy to get lost in our head and to end up with thoughts and feelings that lead to confusion, isolation, and illness.  Take the risk, join something bigger than yourself, it will be uncomfortable but it won’t be toxic.
  10. Truth is a multi-faceted concept.  One person’s truth is another person’s deceit.  Today, accept that there are many truths and determine your own.
  11. Be a sweet, not a sour, loser; and be courteous when you don’t win!
  12. There will be many gains and many losses in your life.  As you review your life, hold on to the positives.  Let the losses be the learning curve for the wins, and appreciate that a loss taught you something that enabled you to win later and let it go.  Dwell on the positive.
  13. In your darkest hours, your job is to wait, to breathe, to pray, to trust, and to wait.  Help will always show up, but if you are busy thrashing about and being willful you might not notice.  Stop.  Breathe.  Wait.  Help will arrive.  It always does.  Thank you.
  14. Remember, your sins are temporary and your virtues are permanent.  Let your sins go and nourish your virtues – that is living.  We all have sins and we all have virtues – our virtues move us forward in life.
  15. When you don’t feel good and you can’t find solutions, just smile – sometimes that is all there is and it is enough.
  16. We all experience frustration, pain, and discomfort when we feel like something in our life is wrong, unfair, or has been foisted upon us and we have no control or say in the matter.  The truth is, this is a common experience and part of the human condition.  We all have our stuff and none of us gets through life without struggling with our stuff from time to time.Your health is in your perspective.  Pay the penalty whatever it is and do it with a smile, because if you can and do have the ability to pay the penalty – believe me, you should be smiling.  A healthy perspective – “thank God I can clean up this mess” allows us to take responsibility, move forward, and not end up in the mess again!  When we bemoan the mess and can’t accept that right or wrong we are the one cleaning it up – the mess just gets bigger and bigger – freedom is just accepting that this is all just part of the  human condition.
  17. Vitamin D is important in the healthy functioning of our bodies.  We need it not only for strong bones, but also for a strong immune system and emotional stability.  The best way to get Vitamin D is through the sun.  Today, find a sunny spot and take a minute to soak up some Vitamin D.
  18. Forgive yourself.  Remember, we are all worthy – even in the midst of our imperfections.
  19. Think about strength as being important in all areas of your life – physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive.  If we are struggling in one part of our life, then sooner or later our life gets out of sync.  We can also use the parts of our lives that are strongest to shore up the areas where we might be struggling. Are you nurturing your strength in all areas?

  1. Mindfulness is a skill and a gift.  Today, pay attention.
  2. Vegetables are abundant – treat yourself to a wonderful salad and celebrate spring!
  3. Breathe and rest, even in the midst of busy schedules – just calmly do the next thing and breathe and rest.  Accept that things will get done as they need to and let the rest go.
  4. Give thanks.
  5. Be Bold.  Today, be a voice for those who don’t have one.  I got this one from the girls in the “Girls on the Run” team that I help coach along with Coach Heather and Coach Deb.  I’m proud of those girls!
  6. Check back tomorrow…


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