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~ Free FED Weekly Support Group ~

(Friends and Family of those with Eating Disorders)

What is FED?

FED (Friends and Family of those with Eating Disorders) is a support group designed to provide education, resources, and emotional support to those in relationships with people diagnosed with or exhibiting signs of anorexia, bulimia, and/or binge eating.  The group is appropriate for loved ones and support people of those at any stage of an eating disorder…even if there are only early warning signs.  Two seasoned clinicians and past eating disorder program directors with over 20 years of experience in this specialty will facilitate this FREE community support group.

Come Learn:

– What is an eating disorder and what makes people prone to them?

– How to tell the difference between disordered eating/preoccupation with body image vs. more serious issues.

– How to address concerns about eating disorders with you loved one.

– How to more effectively communicate about the disordered behavior.

– What is the difference between support and enabling?

– What to say and do/not to say and do when supporting someone with an eating disorder.

– How to set appropriate boundaries.

– How do I stay sane and healthy when a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder?

– How/when to get help… Next steps.

– How to find additional resources in the community.

– And more…

The Facilitators:

Ephrat L. Lipton, LCSW and Anne Moore, PsyD are psychotherapists specializing in eating disorders for the past 20 years.  They are both former program directors of eating disorder treatment facilities and work collaboratively with psychiatrists, physicians, dietitians, and other therapists in the community as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team.  Dr. Anne Moore has recently published her book, Living Joyfully In Our Bodies, offering an innovative way for all people to learn how to live in, appreciate, and treat our bodies with respect.

The group meets every Friday at 12:30.  

Please call to confirm (and/or ask any questions) before attending:

Ephrat L. Lipton – (404) 202-0932 or Dr. Anne Moore – (404) 277-7992



~ Interpersonal Group for Adolescents : Be You.  Beautiful You.~

Interpersonal Group provides adolescents a safe place to talk, listen, and grow together.  The Group centers around interpersonal topics affecting young people and is personally facilitated by Anne Moore, Psy.D.  Dr. Anne Moore has practiced clinical psychology since 1996, and began her private practice, Atlanta Center for Positive Change, in 2008.

The group meets every Thursday from 4:00 until 5:30.  There is a weekly group fee of $65.00.  Please contact Anne with any questions at (404) 277-7992.



~ Brave Girls Thriving In Girl World ~

This group is for girls who would like to develop meaningful friendships and discover the common ground they share in their experiences.  We will explore topics such as stress, bullying/cyber bullying, and self-awareness.  The group will discuss the challenges that present themselves in friendships and reinforce deep connections in an encouraging environment.  We will learn how to maintain a sense of belonging in often intense social situations without compromising ourselves.  The group will be led in conversations and art activities to allow deep self expression in discovering a personal truth.  There is an emphasis on building strong interpersonal skills that will fuel all relationships in healthier ways.  We will specifically work on increasing self esteem, establishing personal boundaries, and communicating with empathy and assertiveness.

The group will meet for six one-hour sessions at the Atlanta Center for Positive Change.  The cost for the six weeks is $120.00.  Please contact Karen Kallis at 404-423-1087 or for more information.


~ Positive Parenting ~

Children are precious.  However, sometimes their behavior is not!  Positive Parenting is based on the ideas and concepts of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson.  It is a research-based program that gives parents the tools to enjoy their relationships with their children.  This workshop engages parents in meaningful discussions and exercises that inspire deeper understanding of the parent-child relationship.  Our meetings will teach parents how to experience real joy in those relationships.  We will focus on building your child’s sense of self-worth, capabilities, and the power to choose behavior.  We will expose the goals of misbehavior and learn ways to remain respectful and encouraging as we promote change.  We will discuss how to stage an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, kindness, and firmness.  Our discussions will alter our view of mistakes and embrace them as the best learning opportunities.  We will also learn from each other’s mistakes as we share our stories of parenting struggles and work together to practice new ways to overcome old problems.

The group will focus on building these skills through our discussions and exercises:

  • Diffuse power struggles
  • Bridge communication gaps
  • Use encouragement as a way to teach self-motivation
  • Enforce your message of love
  • Build on strengths not weaknesses
  • Hold children accountable respectfully
  • Teach children how to think for themselves
  • Win cooperation

Please contact Karen Kallis at or at 404-423-1087 to learn more about hosting a group or workshop.

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Dr. Anne Lewis Moore’s new manual, Living Joyfully In Our Bodies, offers an innovative way for all people, not just girls, from all walks of life to learn how to live in, appreciate, and treat our bodies with respect.

Living Joyfully In Our Bodies


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