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Another Broken Egg Café:

I have a daughter who can’t eat gluten.  Thank goodness for Another Broken Egg Café!  We can go out for pancakes on weekend mornings again!  This breakfast place offers a gluten free pancake that is delicious and easily big enough for two children to share.

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Atlantis Health Foods:

Located on the corner of Mt Vernon and Jett Rd.  A lovely store.  They have everything gluten free!  I feel so fortunate to have so many excellent resources so close to home.  The folks at Atlantis know their stuff!  This place is the best resource for health and education in the community.  For years, even before going gluten free, I was a loyal customer and recommend this store to all – any time I have a health question – I go there to integrate what I learn there with what I learn from my MD.  As far as gluten free goes – they have the very best, get over myself, oh heck yes I can enjoy a baguette again bread!!!!  These take-and-bake baguettes are by Schar.  They are not cheap at $8.65 for two baguettes, but the flavor and texture are amazing.  We keep them and eat them with great reverence.  Another great product that Atlantis carries is 123 Gluten Free pound cake mix – even my friends who don’t eat gluten free clamor for this treat and want to know where they can get it.  123 Gluten Free products are easy, taste good, and are also available on the internet and at Whole Foods.

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Thank you Brio!  Brio has started a gluten free menu which includes pasta dishes.  I had the gluten free Pasta Brio and it was so satisfying.  The only thing I would wish for is more of it.  Yum!

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Brooklyn Café: 

Located at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Sandy Springs Circle.  This neighborhood café is excellent.  They take great pride in their food and the service can’t be beat!  This restaurant has always been known for their amazing crab cakes.  Imagine my delight at their claim that their crab cakes are gluten free!  They are all crab with no filler and served on a beautiful bed of greens with a simple vinaigrette.  They are heavenly.  Love this place.

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Welcome back to my cheeseburger in paradise!  What a thrill to go grab a burger with friends and be gluten free at the same time!  Awesome!

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Novo is a contemporary Italian bistro tucked into the heart of Dunwoody.  All pizzas can be ordered with a gluten free crust.  Additionally, a variety of gluten free appetizers and entrees are offered.

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Romano’s Macaroni Grill:

Macaroni Grill!  Who knew?  Amazing gluten free pasta and excellent service!  You know, there are lots of restaurants offering gluten free options and that is great.  Part of the attractiveness of Macaroni Grill is that it is family friendly and a chain.  This is important for our family because we have an 8 year old who is gluten intolerant and does not always enjoy a sophisticated palette.  Thus, while wonderful boutique restaurants that can offer gluten free foods are a delight for me, they are not a delight for her and thus, my dining pleasure is also impaired at that point.  So, here it is, we can dine out in a relaxing but family friendly restaurant and because it is a chain – we can visit their locations in other cities when we are traveling- this is a VERY big deal for families who have food allergies and intolerances.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Macaroni Grill located on Ashford Dunwoody Rd.  We shared with our server that we needed a gluten free menu, which they happily provided.  They have a food allergy menu that can be modified to be gluten, dairy, nut, and soy free. Wow!  Anyway, I was momentarily stumped by all the choices – I’m not used to so many choices in the gluten free dining out world.  After supplying our party with the gluten free menu, the chef came to our table to get a better understanding of our needs and make suggestions.  We had three different entrees and they were all delicious.  I had the G free Pollo Caprese which was an artful plate with fresh arugula, grilled chicken, and G free penne pasta with a pomodoro sauce.  My daughter had a gluten free macaroni and cheese that she LOVED!  Bingo!!!! (Sorry, she can be a bit picky sometimes) and our friend had the Pasta Milano, which was also excellent!  After our meal, the chef returned to check in and make sure we were satisfied and happy.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  I will return and do recommend that you check it out!

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Sally’s Bakery:

Located in Sandy Springs, this bakery offers all things gluten free done well.  From breads and rolls, to pastries, cakes and pizza dough – all are excellent!

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Seasons 52:

Seasons 52 has a separate menu dedicated to gluten free dining.  The food is high quality and the staff is educated about safe practices.  I had the trout and found it to be delightful, tasty, and satisfying!

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Uncle Maddio’s Pizza:

I have had consistent experiences at both the Dunwoody location and the North Buckhead location of these restaurants.  Upon ordering a kid’s pizza for my daughter, who was dining out with friends (yay! this can be a big deal for young children with food allergies), the server asked if this was a lifestyle preference or medically necessary.  I responded medically necessary to which he responded by immediately cleaning the area and changing his gloves.  I was watching like a hawk and truly appreciate this – as last weekend I was not so careful and ended up with a severe reaction that required a trip to the doctor and heavy duty steroids and antihistamines to recover – this is no joke people, and the smallest amount that you would never think of can make an enormous difference in someone’s wellbeing.  Believe me, I have the photos to prove it, but I am way too vain to show them – really pretty awful.  I digress, I was greatly relieved that they bothered to clarify – medical reasons and lifestyle choices are both equally valid reasons for being gluten free.  But when it is out of medical necessity the consequences can be grave when people don’t take it seriously.  I appreciate the training that the Uncle Maddio’s staff receives and that they consistently follow through.  The service was respectful and thoughtful, and the food was tasty as well.  Good job – Uncle Maddio’s, thank you!!!

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