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In the Spring of 2011, my daughter and I, for medical reasons, were required to change our diet to gluten free.  Since then, many people have asked us how we manage this new lifestyle with food.  People have been interested, supportive, curious, and many have recognized others in their lives who have needed to be gluten free and even decided to try it for themselves.  This gluten free journey, while not right for everyone, has certainly changed our lives for the better.  I encourage people to find the support to try it if they are struggling with a variety of issues from chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, blood sugar issues, skin rashes, etc.  I know it is difficult to decide to take the gluten free plunge – truth be told – I knew at some level that I needed to give up gluten for a good five years before I accepted it as my reality.  When my blood work and symptoms left me nowhere else to go with my denial – I took the gluten free leap.  I have to say, I have never looked back and the difference in my health is astounding.  My blood work is amazing and I have none of the symptoms that I struggled with for so long.  Like most things, the anticipation of making the change was worse than the actual change, and yes, there are just some things that are lamentable, like no sourdough bread, ughh…and dining out is far trickier, but it improves every day with so many people becoming interested in the movement.  Many of you have asked me about gluten free substitutions or options for treats.  So, we will have a gluten free watch and post the items and places we recommend for the best gluten free buys. 

2 comments on “Gluten Free Information
  1. Karen says:

    great list. I just had lunch at the Loving Hut restaurant in Sandy Springs, where World Peace cafe used to be, and there were several gluten free options there. the food was delicious too.

    • Atlanta Center for Positive Change says:

      That is great to know! We are on the same page! I’ve been wanting to try it and do another write-up for our gluten free section. Thanks for the info!

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