The word Enneagram comes from two Greek words:Enneagram Symbol with Labels

Ennea  ≡   Nine
Gram   ≡   Something written or drawn, or a model

Put together, this strange sounding word simply means 9 points (Types) on a circle… but the Enneagram is so much more than this.  It is a map that can show each Type how to get home.  A map back to our true self, back to the one we are uniquely and divinely created to be.

What is the Enneagram?

  • If you had a map to make you aware of your own strengths and weaknesses…
  • If you had a map to help you understand how you and others react to stress and conflict…
  • If you had a map to learn the best way to communicate with others…
  • If you had a map to help you find a way to enhance your personal and professional relationships…
  • If you had a map to help you discover your clear path to become the whole person you were created to be…

…Would you use it? Enneagram Map_website

There are many great maps of personality: the Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strength Finders, MMPI – too many to list.  These maps describe how we look on the outside, our landscaping or our terrain. They help us see our particular traits, our actions and reactions, our coping methods and our style of speaking.  All of this is helpful for understanding ourselves and others.  What makes the Enneagram different is that it also gives us a Map for what is going on inside (our internal landscape or terrain).  It helps us understand WHY we do the things we do and what is driving us.  It shows us the lens through which we see the world and gives us a look through others’ lenses.  It is a powerful Map that shows us what it feels like to be in our own skin and it offers a way to understand others in theirs.

Imagine how much more compassion we would have for ourselves and others if we could really see why we do what we do.  That is what the Enneagram does.  It is a Map of compassion.

Any good Map has a “you are here” point.  The Enneagram is just such a Map.  This is the first step in our journey to our true self.  The Enneagram allows us to be aware of who and where we are, to notice ourselves, see our habitual behaviors, recognize the things we do over and over again.  The Enneagram shows us the things we do that keep us stuck in one place.  As we become more aware of our surroundings and see the way we do the same things over and over (sort of like walking around in a circle in our one little spot) something wonderful happens.  We begin to see other options, other paths; our Map unfolds showing a new direction with endless possibilities and a path to lead us to what we have been searching for…our heart.  The Enneagram leads us back home to our own heart which is held in the heart of God.


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Enneagram Offerings

– Take an in depth look at your personality Type.

– Enrich and improve your relationships.

– Appreciate your unique gifts and stumbling blocks.

– Understand the real You.

  • Individual Sessions
    1 hour in depth discussion and understanding of your specific Type
    $60 – in office, or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime
    $200 – package of 4 sessions (save $40)
  • Couples & Pre-Marital Consultations
    2 hours to discover your individual Types as well as how you relate to each other.
  • Workshops & Presentations
    Tailored to your group’s specific needs.
    Please email, visit enneagramatlanta.com, or call (404) 931-6321 to speak with Nan Henson, Riso-Hudson Enneagram Coach, for more information.

*Please note that I am not a trained therapist, and what I do is not therapy. However, many people find this Work amazingly therapeutic!


What people are saying about their experience with the Enneagram…

“…Thanks so much for your time and investment in our Team at the training!  It was quite the “Buzz” that day and the weeks since with people saying how much they got out of it and how much we all appreciated you sharing so much with us.  We all need to learn more about it, but sure see lots of application for it in the Church.”
– Tim S. (Pastor)

“I have found the Enneagram information to be extremely helpful.  It is so eye opening to put words and logic to the things you know to be true about yourself yet have never been able to see so clearly…”
– Ginny J.

“Since meeting with you, I feel that you have provided me the start towards a more clear path to which I can focus and work.”
– Robert F.

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