A kaleidoscope is a great teacher of perspective. The shapes and colors inside are always the same; and yet, with every tilt and turn we see a new landscape. The same is true in life. Our experiences can be amazing and wonderful or extraordinarily painful often with the same set of colors and shapes in our world. It’s all about perspective and allowing our perspectives to shift.

The irony is that frequently when we are experiencing a situation that is painful or our “view” is bleak- it is often in an attempt to protect ourselves. The more we defend ourselves the narrower and bleaker our vision becomes and the less safe we feel. We see danger where there is none and we end up hurting ourselves and sometimes others.

When we feel safe our lens expands and the light shines in allowing us to see colors, beauty, and safety. I recently had the experience of interpreting a situation from a defensive position… I believed I was protecting myself. I actually put myself in danger and set myself up for a significant amount of miscommunication thereby causing pain where none existed. I also missed the opportunity to learn. When I shifted and tilted the “kaleidoscope” I saw hope, beauty, and opportunity where before I had only seen danger. No one was threatening me- I was threatening myself, and others without realizing it.

Life doesn’t come with guarantees but it does come with shifting perspectives and a kaleidoscope of feelings ranging from joy, angst, relief, and peace with all colors and feelings in between.

Do I know anything more about my situation given my shift in perspective? Maybe, maybe not- no guarantees- However, it feels so much better, safer and freer to let go and expect the best and believe the best in those around us that we interact with and love. Share yourself, shift your kaleidoscope, at the very least you will know more about yourself and most importantly you will know more about the people you care about and they will know you for who you are- colorful and multidimensional- rather than a defensive one dimensional image of yourself.

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Living Joyfully In Our Bodies – Now Available

Living Joyfully In Our Bodies                                                                               Living Joyfully In Our Bodies

Dr. Anne Lewis Moore’s new manual, Living Joyfully in Our Bodies, offers an innovative way for all people, not just girls, from all walks of life to learn how to live in, appreciate, and treat our bodies with respect.

Living Joyfully in Our Bodies is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is about using many avenues simultaneously to arrive at the same destination – healing.  It is about using traditional techniques such as Western Medicine and psychotherapy and at the same time adding interventions for the body, mind, and spirit.  It is the idea that everything in our body, mind, and environment works together and has an impact on not only the way our body heals overall at the macro level but also on the micro level of our cells.

The idea is that by focusing on the whole body – for example, by using strategies that involve nutrition, supplements, movement, meditation, and relaxation – the treatment is complemented and strengthened.  For example, if you are seeking help with depression or anxiety you may need medicine.  However, it is likely that Read more ›

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My father was a runner.  One of his favorite phrases was “life is a marathon”.  You see a marathon spans the distance of 26.2 miles.  They say that our bodies “hit the wall” and begin to break down somewhere between the 20- 25 mile mark.  However, regardless of when the body breaks down you still have to finish the marathon – hence the life comment.  Life, like a marathon, is a challenge.  The challenge comes with exhilaration, joy, and a total “runners high”.  Life, also like a marathon, comes with anxiety about finishing, crushing fatigue, bloody feet, and swollen joints.  We hit many walls and we have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  You see a marathon is not about strength and speed.  Really, a marathon is about strategy, pacing, determination, knowing oneself, and endurance.  That is why my father referred to life as a marathon.

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Bottoms up!

No, I’m not talking about shooting tequila- although I guess that could apply.  I’m talking about finding your bottom- recognizing it and pushing off.  Alcoholics obviously talk about hitting bottom and the importance of having a high bottom vs. a low bottom.  The idea being that the higher your bottom the less havoc you will be able to tolerate and the sooner you will see your bottom, face your demons, and begin recovery.  While we readily identify the phrase rock bottom with alcoholism- I’m curious about how our acceptance of our bottoms can elevate us in all areas of our lives.  For example, what about bottoms in our personalities, our relationships, our finances, the space we live in- ( our closets :) I still can’t get that cat out of mine, see previous closet cleaning blog for clarity), when do we see our bottom?  I’m betting it is different for everyone and the more we avoid what we don’t want to see the lower our bottom and the more vulnerable we

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I cleaned out my closet today…

Not really, but sort of.  Anyone who knows me – knows I don’t keep a neat organized closet, at all!  And as they read this post, they are thinking uh oh!  One friend in particular- really my sister in this life- is wondering if she needs to drop everything and come right away since she usually helps me with the closet overhaul about once a year.

My house is always straight, things are mostly in place, but if you look in my closet- all bets are off- kinda like me.  If you see me on the outside- I look pretty straight – my clothes are clean, they match, they are ok, cute, not perfect but better than average, and mostly straight.  However, if you peek inside, wow!  You will find the couture mixed in with the Target and a whole lot of mess that I should have given away or, moved on from a long time ago- really, it’s the “what is that

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Life letters / Love letters

So I talk to myself a lot, except I think that I’m really carrying on a conversation with the universe.  I used to be a runner.  I ran because it gave me space and time to think through things when I was a graduate student and would sometimes feel stuck with my own self-importance.  Sometimes movement of the body seems to reflect movement in the mind- the two are connected for me.

Once when I was running I wrote a book in my head titled “Letters to Myself”, it was really just random conversations about love, creativity, generosity, and observance of the world.  Though now that I think of it the conversations weren’t really with myself.  The letters I was writing in my head were really about communicating with the world.  And here’s the thing, whether or not our thoughts get communicated out loud- they are powerful.

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Now available for purchase through Amazon!

Dr. Anne Lewis Moore’s new manual, Living Joyfully In Our Bodies, offers an innovative way for all people, not just girls, from all walks of life to learn how to live in, appreciate, and treat our bodies with respect.

Living Joyfully In Our Bodies


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